African Pompano

African Pompano

Genus and Species:

Alectis ciliaris



Other Common Names:

Pennant Fish, Threadfin Trevally

African Pompano Description:

This unique fish is from the jack family, African pompano, have a broad silvery-blue and flat body with a downward sloping face and blue-colored lips. The juveniles have distinct, long filaments trailing from their dorsal and anal fins. They are great sport fish and are common, but not widely caught. African pompano are distributed worldwide in tropical waters but are most often found in coastal waters around wrecks and reefs. These fish grow rapidly and can reach up to 40-pounds. While many jacks are not great eating, the African pompano is delicious. Live bait, jigs, and lures will attract the attention of this popular and hard-fighting fish. When hooked, they make several hard runs and then settle down to an up and down spiraling fight.

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