200 Foster Kids Go Fishing

Thanks to a grant from Fish Florida, 200 foster children were able to experience the thrill of fishing off the coast of Destin, Florida.

Fish Florida is a non-profit organization that raises money through donations and a speciality Florida license plate to donate fishing equipment, grants and scholarships to help organizations teach people, especially children, about fishing and Florida’s environment.

Fish Florida gave a grant to the Larry Hatchett Fishing Foundation who put the money towards a fishing trip for 200 foster children. This was a first for many of these kids. For some of them, not only was it their first fishing trip, it was also their first boat ride, first beach vacation, first hotel stay and of course the first time they ever got to reel in a fish of their own.

200 Foster Kids Go Fishing

Fish Florida is dedicated to spreading the gospel of fishing. Families who learn to fish spend quality time together and know how to protect Florida’s marine fisheries and coastal habitats. Another great reason to learn fishing? Kids who spend time outdoors have less stress, better concentration, more creativity and higher self-esteem than those who stay inside.

If you are interested in organizing a fishing and conservation education program, visit www.fishfloridatag.org and check out the programs page. You can also volunteer to participate in a program and find out how you can purchase the sailfish speciaIty license plate, make a donation and support this great cause.