Exotic Mussels Discovered in CA’s Lake Piru

Unfortunately the California Department of Fish and Wildlife have discovered that feral dreissenid mussels have found their way into Lake Piru.

Lake Piru has been sheltered from the invasion of quagga or zebra mussels since it does not share water with the infected Colorado River.

These small, encrusting, freshwater mussels are native to Eurasia and once introduced, multiply quickly competing for food resources with native species.

They also encrust boats, docks and any submerged equipment or structures.

The mussels are being spread by larval transfer on boats and trailers that have been dipped in contaminated waters and then into new waters. Boaters are subject to inspections of their vessels and are asked to drain all water from hulls and motors. Wiping down your boat or craft will also help prevent the spread of these destructive, exotic mussels.

Quagga mussels were first found in the Colorado River system in January of 2007 and have since been found in 26 Californian water bodies.

Please do your part to dry and drain to prevent the continued spread of exotic species.

Visit the CDFW’s website to learn more about how to control the spread of these mussels.

Exotic Mussels Discovered in CA’s Lake Piru