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Every Halibut Counts

About half of the halibut caught by Alaska anglers are released, due either to regulation or fisherman preference.

A small percentage of released halibut succumb to injury or stress. Anglers can reduce the mortality of these fish by following a few simple practices, including:

  • Treat halibut gently.
  • Minimize handling.
  • Unhook the fish in the water if possible.
  • If a halibut must be brought aboard, cradle it to protect the spine and internal organs, and slip it head-first back into the sea.

Check out the video below to see first hand these simple techniques to treat halibut gently to ensure their survival.

Go to SeaGrant Alaska for more information or go practice your halibut catching aboard the CrackerJack with Capt. Andy Mezirow who is featured in the video.

Photo Credit: YouTube Video Capture – Every Halibut Counts