Ecuador Black Marlin Grander

When Florida resident, Dennis Chalas chartered the “Saruka” in Salinas, Ecuador, he had no idea his day of wahoo fishing would end up like this.

Capt. Fouad Sultan and his crew were pulling a spread of ballyhoo with islanders for wahoo. By 8 am they had four wahoo from 35 to 45 pounds in the box. Then from out of the blue, one of the baits was clobbered by a giant black marlin. They hooked up and Mr. Chalas did battle for an hour and a half. At this point the huge marlin went belly up and the crew worked hard to secure the fish. They called for back up from some other boats that helped them pull the fish into the “Saruka”.

This was quite a feat as the boat is 29 feet long and the black weighed in at 1074 pounds.

When the “Saruka” returned to the beach at Salinas, they were greeted by 300 spectators who rolled up their sleeves and helped pull the marlin to the beach weigh station.

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Ecuador Black Marlin