Capt. Duane “Diego” Mellor Shares Swordfishing Tips

Capt. Duane “Diego” Mellor Shares Swordfishing Tips

Captain Duane Diego of Pinnacle Sportfishing in San Diego shares insights on the SoCal swordfishing craze.

Daytime swordfishing is a staple on the East Coast but is quickly being adapted by West Coast anglers to tap this incredible fishery.  Swordfish were once considered a “unicorn” because successful landings were few, but new deep drop techniques and improved marine electronic capabilities are helping many anglers in checking off this elusive bucket-list fish.

Capt. Duane explains how he sets up his Furuno TZ touch3 and what settings he uses on his bottom machine to get the best readings for deep-water swordfish.

“You have to use your electronics to find a feature to drop on,” said Capt. Duane.  “You can’t just come out here and drop blind.  You have to fish below the “feed layer” and often you can mark the swordfish as a long red line below the bait.  Typically we are looking in depths from 900 to 1400-feet, so you need to tweak your sounder to maximize its deep water abilities.”

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