DTX Minnow Gen 2 From Nomad Design Tackle

Finding a trolling lure that runs true, goes fast, dives deep and holds up to fish after fish might sound like a pipe dream, but it is a dream come true for Damon Olsen, Founder of Nomad Design Tackle.  He has spent five years designing and testing this trolling minnow lure in his home waters of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

nomad lures Bone crushing strikes are the norm and any tackle has to be beyond tough!

Nomad Design Tackle has been born from the need for fish-catching lures that can endure the harshest battle conditions possible.

The result is a patented system that has resulted in the best bluewater trolling minnow ever made. If you want to understand the technology behind the lure and understand why it is such an effective trolling lure then this is the video to watch. Available in sizes from 85mm-200mm it covers every style of fishing globally where you might want tr troll or cast deep diving lures.

Check out the Nomad Design Tackle website for this and many more incredible lures. Nomad Lures have come to the U.S. and apply to a wide array of North American fisheries.