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Dockside Report

About two hours before the Day At The Docks opened to the public, I saw Wendy Tochihara, who gave me a briefing on pending offshore fishing near San Diego. “I was out on an exploratory trip with Chuck Taft yesterday,” she remarked.

“Did you see any bluefin?” “We saw good sign. We fished out by the Dumper, and we could see bluefin on the meter, at about 30 fathoms.” “Did you see any jumping up on the surface?” “No, I didn’t. We didn’t have any sardines. We had mackerel and anchovies for chum. It was bumpy in the morning and settled down a bit later. This morning it’s nice.” “What was the water temp?” “It was 60 to 63 degrees.”

So it appears the fish are there, and with some nice weather in store, it wouldn’t be at all surprised to see somebody come up with the first catch soon, maybe in the next week or two. Come on, fish!

Nice Ending

Mike Ramirez reported for the Excel Saturday evening: “This morning was a great way to end the trip with a couple of cows hitting the deck and a handful of 175 to 190-pounders in the mix. Big fish of the day went to John Hodes with a 268-pound YFT and Ray Ayus Jr with a 204-pounder. We are now headed to Cabo.

I’d like to thank Jack Nilsen and Gary Gillingham of Accurate Reels for all the work they put into the trip. The weather continues to be good.”

Fly Down & Back Trip Royal Star skipper Brian Sims posted this brief April 16:

“We picked up our anglers in Cabo today and headed out in very nice weather. The seminars, giveaways, and rigging have started, but will hit a fever pitch as we travel towards our fishing destination. The excitement level is high as the latest reports are of good fishing on our bow.”

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