DIY: Simple Surf Kit

I was really excited this weekend to get offshore.

You’ll remember last week I reported that Tomahawk Sportfishing  was the big winner offshore with 3 bluefin tuna over 100-pounds as the big cherry on top of some schoolie class fish and paddy yellowtail.  Great trip.

tuna reports
Photo Grande Sportfishing

There was quite a bit of that 20-50-pound class of bluefin caught this week.  The SAC spotter plane was also up this week and spotted vast fields of bluefin just waiting to be caught (above).  All of it had me really excited to be out on the Tomahawk this weekend for my charter.  I had visions of loading up on the schoolies Day One, then trophy hunting Day Two.

Then the wind…

The damn wind

surf kitMy trip got cancelled.

My buddy Randy Toji has been out surf fishing all this week. The conditions have been such that he’s been killing it in the early evening after work. Multiple corbina sessions and a MONSTER spotfin croaker (right) highlighted his sessions this week.

I have a hard time tying up surf rigs.  I can barely see the light line (4# fluoro) and trying to thread it into the tiny (size 8) hooks that Randy recommends for fishing the live sand crab is really tough for me.  So Wednesday night, I was prepping a little kit to take out yesterday to hit the surf after work.  The kit and the sesh was very successful.  The kit had everything I needed and allowed me to go light, unencumbered from my surf backpack that I use when targeting halibut or jetty fishing.  As far as the session, I had my first multiple bean (corbina) outing of 2018 and added 5 yellowfin croaker and a perch to my final tally…way better than sitting in traffic.

Maybe your trip got cancelled too?

If you are looking for a fun and cheap fishing activity this weekend, make yourself one of these kits and hit the beach.

DIY Surf Kit

surf kit

What’s in the kit:

  • 1 pack of Size 8 Owner Mosquito hooks
  • 1 pre-tied leader using 4# Berkeley Vanish fluorocarbon
  • Couple extra sliding sinkers
  • 1 bead
  • 1 swivel

surf kitI chew a lot of gum.  It keeps me from snacking throughout the day. My flavor of choice is Wrigley 5 Cobalt.  Since I chew so much I buy the jumbo 35 stick pack (left).  The plastic case just cries to be re-purposed into something else, and it made the perfect carrying case for this kit.

The kit is designed to fish the live sand crabs that are currently abundant on the beach (and what the fish are there to eat).  In addition to the items inside listed above, I bought one 8-1/2” x 11” sheet of black foam from a craft store and cut it to size to fit inside.  I notched it with a pair of scissors and wound the pre-tied leader around it.  The extra sinkers, swivel and bead are there if you happen to break off your whole Carolina rig on the mainline. If a fish throats your bait, you can cut off your leader at the fish’s mouth and tie on a new hook.  If you want, add a couple motor oil grubs, just in case you can’t find crabs.  The case with the foam insert also makes a nice holder for a sabiki rig.  You can probably figure out some other uses too.  Share them with me.

Good luck if you get out there.

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