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Daiwa Lexa 300 Baitcaster

More and more anglers are turning to the low-profile baitcaster when it comes to casting jigs, stick baits and light iron.

These reels are not just for freshwater any more.

But to stand up to the salty environment you need a tough reel and Daiwa’s new Lexa 300 fits the bill nicely.

The Lexa 300 comes in three configurations with various gear ratios. The 300H has a 6.3 ratio while the 300HS and 300HS-P have a slightly faster 7.1 ratio.

Built to be light but strong, this baitcaster features a sleek new design with an aluminum frame and side plate. It’s light for its size at just 11.3 ounces and feels comfortable in your hands as you sling out soft plastics.

Fish it for a while and you instantly get a feel for the quality put into the new Daiwa Lexa 300. This reel is made to take on the rigors of tournament fishing and heavy use.

Saltwater bass anglers will really appreciate the amount of line the Lexa holds. More guys are powering their baitcasters with heavier braid, and this reel is right in line with that need. It holds 240 yards of 40-pound braid. If you want to bump up to 55-pound braid, the reel will hold 180 yards. It’s also super fast. The Lexa 300HS-P has a 7.1 gear ratio so it reels in 32.4 inches of line per crank. That speed comes in handy when working swimbaits.

Combine the line capacity with a drag capable of 22 pounds of pressure and the fast line retrieve and you have a big reel in a small package with all of the brute strength you need to lure and land big, powerful fish.

Some of the other features include Daiwa’s Ultimate Tournament Drag System constructed out of carbon fiber, and a seven bearing system (2CRBB/4BB+1RB) for a long life of fluid casts and retrieves. The Lexa 300 also sports an oversized paddle handle that fits nicely in your palm and is easy for your hand to grasp. You can quickly remove the side plate as well for speedy spool changes and the Magforce Cast Control keeps the bird’s nests at bay.

The reels retail for $199 and will be available via Daiwa’s certified dealers such as Melton’s Tackle.

For more information on Daiwa visit www.daiwa.com.

Additional Features:

• Magforce Cast Control

• Infinite Anti Reverse

• Six-Point Drive Train Support

• Precision Balanced Aluminum Spool