Deploying Dredge Teasers In The Fly Zone

dredge teasers

“Fly” Navarro and Arturo show you how to deploy a dredge as a teaser for offshore trolling.  Here they go over a two-tier dredge with several natural bait droppers to enhance the presentation.  When a fish rises to the teaser, he gets the look and taste of a real fish while the bonita-shaped flap teasers create the look of a school of fish.

dredge teasersDredge teasers have revolutionized trolling for billfish and other species.  Its a lot of work, but the bite is worth it!

flushing outboardsFly Navarro will take us to the “Fly Zone” with his vast knowledge and list of fishing connections.  Visit his Fly Zone Fishing site or Facebook to learn more or to ask Fly a question.

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