Daytime Deep Drop Swordfishing Florida Keys – Careful What You Wish For

daytime deep drop swordfishing

Daytime Deep Drop Swordfishing Florida Keys

The boys of Local Knowledge Fishing Show are back at it Daytime Deep Drop Swordfishing and this time their trip in the Florida Keys takes a turn for the EPIC!
Deep Drop Sword Fishing had long been the nemesis of our two hosts, both catching smaller ones over the years and chalking up the big one that got away on several occasions.  This afternoon trip aboard the 32′ Andros, Odyssea, Captain Rush’s Key West charter boat was destined for glory.  The dues had been paid in full and the boys got what they wished for plus interest.

Watch the epic battle unfold into the darkness of night, until that one moment of truth.

swordfishing florida keys

Here is the full, exciting episode of Local Knowledge airing Sunday mornings 8am on Discovery Channel. If you miss it there, you can always watch it here Fishing Videos or at