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Dan Richards Steps Down

A unanimous vote led to the removal of Dan Richards, seen by many as a friend to hunters and anglers, as president of the California Fish and Game Commission. He will remain with the Commission until January 15, 2013, which is the end of his term, but will no longer be president.

Jim Kellogg will replace Richards as president.

Richards drew a ton of attention for taking part in a legal mountain lion in Idaho back in February. Photos of Richards posing with a lion he shot went around the internet and the Humane Society and several others began calling for his resignation.

dan richards - California fish game commission president Dan RichardsFollowing the heat Richards received from his hunt, the sportfishing community rallied behind him, helping circulate a petition to keep Richards on the Commission as president.

Richards has been a voice of reason throughout the MLPA process and a friend to anglers.

The state legislature called for him to step down back in March, but with the support of the hunting and fishing community behind him, Richards refused. Four months later, he’s decided to step down as president, but will continue to work on the Commission.

Hunting mountain lions is illegal in California but hunters can target them in 11 states legally, as well as Canada and Mexico.

Kellogg, who will replace Richards, is known as a friend to the hunting and fishing communities. He’s been on the Commission since 2002. The other three — Michael Sutton, Jack Baylis and Richard Rogers — not so much…

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