Crocodile Bay Fishing Report – April

Costa Rica Fishing Report

News and Updates out of Crocodile Bay Resort, Costa Rica – April 2017 by Fishing Director Todd Staley

Costa Rica Crocodile Bay Fishing

The competition among the group of former pro athletes was intense but friendly. Mike Knox was the eventual winner and partner Kelly the  runner-up. Their combined score edged out Todd Calfee and Dr. Misko who boated 3 marlin in one day.

fishing tournament report
MLB Hall of Fame Legend Wade Boggs with a sailfish on!

Dr. Misko was down with his 13 year old son celebrating his birthday and not only did they get to fish with some of their football idols – but they were able to experience catching their first sailfish and marlin.

costa rica tournament award
Dr. Justin Misko posses with Wade Boggs and Mark Cooper as they present him with the tournament award for “Most Sailfish Caught”

crocodile bay Rooster Fish

Knox and Kai banged up the roosterfish inshore with a 1500-point day to edge out the others. Wade Boggs and Mark Cooper fished together and as always it was fun to hear their “in jest” comments back and forth  – it was a good thing they didn’t play the same sport. Wade managed a few post-tournament snook to satisfy his fishing bug.

costa rica fishing

Offshore continues to be unpredictable and inshore reliable for the most part. Plenty of roosters, grouper, and if you are inclined sharks. Jacks and roosters have been hitting poppers.

Randy and Brandi Shapiro doubled up on marlin of 250 and 500-pounds. Lifetime fish and a trip to the spa afterward. They also became the first owners of our new Costa Rica real estate offering – Botánika Osa Peninsula Curio Collectin by Hilton.

costa rica 500-pound Pacific blue

Check out the video above of Randy’s 500-pound Pacific blue marlin.

Visit the Crocodile Bay website for details on the many adventures waiting for you in Costa Rica.