Crispy Fish Tacos

Yanni from Fisherman’s Belly is at it again with another amazing recipe video.  This time its Crispy Fish Tacos.

Check out his easy to follow and fun to watch step-by-step how to videos for many types of recipes.

Fisherman’s Belly is a great source of cooking information, recipes, and techniques.

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Fisherman's Belly is the brainchild of Yanni Hassir, a SoCal waterman whose passion extends from the ocean to his kitchen. offers a growing list of seasonal SoCal sport fish recipes. There are tips and tricks for cooking yellowtail, rockfish, white seabass, halibut, lobster, tuna, trout, and more. Every recipe is easy to follow, and made from everyday ingredients packed with flavor. In addition, enjoy Yanni and his buddies' SoCal fishing adventures. As a full blooded Greek, Yanni's thirst for the sea and its bounty can be attributed to his ancient fish-eating ancestors. Yanni learned to cook from his mother who was a sous chef at the King's Palace in Greece. Yanni uses big flavors, imagination, and his latest catch to please his family, friends, and of course his own belly.