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Costa’s New Del Mar Collection Is Inspired By The Sea

Del Mar CollectionFor those inspired by life on the water, Costa Sunglasses introduces the new Del Mar Collection, sunglasses inspired by what’s under the water. The new collection includes four new styles featuring colors and patterns representing ocean life and structures, each named for iconic beach towns – Aransas, Del Mar, May and Sarasota.

The new collection offers lifestyle sunglasses featuring Costa’s patented 580 lens technology, which elevated the brand as the leader in world-class performance sunglasses. Constructed with Mazzucchelli acetate, a renewable, non-petroleum, plant-based material, the Del Mar Collection features nine unique frame colors and designs mirroring the beauty of the ocean floor, including golden kelp, pink sea fans and coral reefs. The sunglasses feature a custom corewire, visible inside the frame arm, with a topographical pattern tying back to Costa’s history of being born on the water.
Del Mar Collection

The four new styles are available with Costa’s patented 580 Lightwave® Glass lenses, providing 100 percent UV protection and polarization to offer the clearest lenses on the planet. The Costa 580® color-enhancing lens technology selectively filters out harsh yellow light for superior contrast and definition and absorbs high-energy blue light to cut haze and enhance sharpness. In addition, Costa’s lens technology reduces glare and eye fatigue, and its Lightwave glass is 20 percent thinner and 22 percent lighter than average polarized glass.

Del Mar CollectionThe large fit style of the Aransas frame features a classic square lens in four color options that draw inspiration from the sea floor – Matte Black, Shiny Ocean Tortoise, Matte Storm Gray and Shiny Kelp. The frames take design and color cues from sea turtle shells, with brown tortoise patterns and shiny blue hues to “underwater forests” highlighting brown and golden shades that mimic kelp moving with the ocean current.

Del Mar CollectionThe Del Mar represents the passion and style of Southern California. This laid-back, timeless round style with keyhole nose bridge frame design offers a medium fit and is available in four water-based frame colors – Shiny Black, Shiny Ocean Tortoise, Shiny Kelp and Matte Tide Pool. Named for the small bodies of water during low tide that are home to starfish, mussels and clams, the Tide Pool frame highlights a two-tone look of seafoam and dark brown.

Del Mar CollectionThe medium to large fit of the May is ideal for women and includes a refined square lens. The frame comes in four ocean-inspired colors reflective of its namesake, where the Delaware River meets the Atlantic Ocean – Shiny Black, Shiny Abalone, Shiny Tiger Cowrie and Shiny Coral Crystal with Shell Inlay. The frames draw inspiration from shells found on the ocean floor and coral reefs, with some featuring a beautiful shell inlay frame interior.Del Mar CollectionSarasota is a small frame with a relaxed cat-eye design that transcends time and age. Taking its cues from the Southern Florida surf, this frame comes in four vibrant color schemes supported by delicate design features – Shiny Black, Shiny Abalone, Shiny Seafoam Crystal with Shell Inlay and Shiny Dusk.

“Costa first debuted acetates early in our history, but we haven’t had a collection in this material since the 1980s. These new pieces have been extremely rewarding to curate and design,” said John Sanchez, vice president, product development, Costa. “We live and breathe everything about the water – both on and off – and have been inspired by the beauty of what’s underneath it.

The Del Mar Collection has given us an opportunity to bring that beauty to life, in a pair of sunglasses. From the strong craftsmanship, to the unique colorways and logo treatment, we have created a beautiful collection that will appeal to Costa fans everywhere.”

The new styles retail for $249. For more information on the new frames and Costa’s full line of sunglasses, visit

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