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Quick Tips: Color-Coded Rods

It always happens. When you hook a nice-sized fish, the crew kicks into gear and starts clearing the lines. But the rods tend up going in all different directions. The rods get set in any available rod holder in the tower legs or rocket launcher. After the fish is released and it is time to get the spread back out, you want to get the spread back out as fast as possible. You don’t want to miss any chance at a fish. There could still be fish in the area or a little bit of a bite going on. The more time the baits are in the water, the more chance you have to catch another fish.

To help the crew get the rods back out as fast as possible and in the proper position, we color-code each rod with a piece of colored electrical tape on the rod butt right under the reel. For the left-long we use green tape. The right long gets red tape. The center rigger, blue tape. We keep the colors the same all the time so the minute you look at the color you instantly know where it goes. In the case that we use short riggers instead of cockpit teasers we would mark those with double pieces of tape… For the left short, for example, we’d use double green. The right short, double red. Sometimes it’s the simple things that keep you organized and in the game.

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