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Cobia Tip – Using Gulp Eels

Cobia Gulp Eel Tip

C18497_R_cobiafishinga.jpgThawed squid that has been left out too long is probably the worse smelling bait in the world to fish with, but squid works well when fishing for cobia.

However, there are other artificial baits out there that won’t leave you slimy and stinky but still get a cobia to hammer your jig.

Berkley offers several different eel-shaped soft plastic baits in its line of Gulp scented baits, and they’re perfect for cobia fishing along the coast of Florida.

In the past, all of my cobia outings included a stop at the local tackle shop to purchase a box of frozen squid to tip my jigs with. Fishing with squid is messy business, usually resulting in a dark purple ink squirt on the boat or your shirt and slippery, stinky hands, which translates to a slick rod grip.

I want my baits to have the most action and smell possible so I always use an added piece of flair on a cobia jig. It helps you score more bites. In the past I used a PowerBait eel or some other kind of wiggly soft plastic worm to enhance the action. I also feel like having a large soft plastic on a jig slows down the decent of a heavy lead-head jig, keeping it in the strike zone longer while surface fishing.cobia gulp eel tip

Sometimes you only get one shot at a cobia and if that’s the case I want my presentation to appeal to all of the fish’s senses. Berkley’s Gulp eels come in both 8 and 10 inches and a range of colors, but I prefer black for contrast. The beauty of fishing with Gulp is that they’re easy to store on the boat and cobia can’t resist the taste and smell of the bait. The tail of the eel also adds great action. Unlike squid, Gulp will last all day and you won’t cast them off the hook. Lastly Gulp baits are much cleaner to deal, but don’t let the Gulp dry up on your hook or you will literally have to cut them off with a sharp knife and some elbow grease.

To fish with the Gulp eels for cobia, simply place them on the hook of your bucktail jig. The added scent and movement of the Gulp eel will help you get a few more bites when targeting cobia. And, you don’t have to worry about getting ink on the boat.

To learn more about Gulp eels, visit www.berkley-fishing.com/gulp/eel.

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