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A picture may be worth a thousand words, but these videos will leave you speechless. Crazy happenings, sightings, how to tips and maybe a glimpse of big foot are offered up for your viewing pleasure. Don't forget the popcorn.

AFTCO and Kicker Fishing Chase the Golden Grouper

The crew from Kicker fishing team and AFTCO take an adventure south of the border to Baja, Mexico in search of the very rare...

Underwater Marlin Lit Up

Incredible underwater video by Al McGlashan of marlin lit up and feeding as he jumps in to video them. The colors are amazing and...
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Local Knowledge Preview – Take a Dip

Taking A Dip Preview Ali joins Rush back in the Florida Keys with a license to dive and a score to settle with mother nature....

Now you Know the Rest of the Story

Dr. Guy Harvey, Aftco's Bill Shedd, Neil Patrick, Tropic Star Lodge, Panama's Black Marlin; sound like a recipe for something big? It is a...

Sperm Whales off Dana Point

The rare and exotic encounters continue in Southern California as shown in this amazing drone footage of two sperm whales that were part of...

Captains For Clean Water – Florida’s Water Disaster

Residents and visitors alike love Florida because of its endless opportunities to enjoy one thing: WATER!  We all have a stake in the current...
mustad hooks supportsvideo

Mustad Hooks Supports Now or Neverglades Declarations

Mustad Hooks is fully supporting the cause to save Florida's diverse waters and the fisheries associated to them.  They share the same drive as...

Local Knowledge RAW – Pez Vela

Local Knowledge Casa Vieja Lodge in Guatemala The filming of Local Knowledge continues as the crew gets the shots while Captain Ali Hussainy and Captain Rush...
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Crazy Piranha Video

We've all heard the stories of piranha skelotonizing a cow in minutes, but it was hard to believe (wonder if Myth Busters has done...
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Goliath Swallows Whole Stingray

Many inshore anglers have to deal with the over abundance of goliath grouper that live on shallow water structures. These huge grouper can be a...

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Drive Away From the Fleet

It only took one early season Saturday offshore run to convince Matt and me that we probably weren't going to be doing anymore offshore...

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