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A picture may be worth a thousand words, but these videos will leave you speechless. Crazy happenings, sightings, how to tips and maybe a glimpse of big foot are offered up for your viewing pleasure. Don't forget the popcorn.

Rigging Mackerel For Swordfish Bait

Fly Navarro is back with his good friend Capt. Paco Vela to continue their series on rigging up for daytime swordfishing.  In this fishing video tip, they...
Teasers baitvideo

Rigging Dredge Teaser In The Fly Zone

Fly Navarro and Tyler Beckford of Teasers bait company go step-by-step how to rig this super effective dredge mullet teaser for offshore trolling for...
Local Knowledge take wheelvideo

Local Knowledge S3 E03 – Take The Wheel Full Episode

Traditionally, the process of becoming a Florida fishing guide or captain starts with becoming a mate.  An apprenticeship where one can learn the ropes...

Costa’s One Coast Drive To Support Irma Survivors

IRMA, the video from Costa, follows a group of Florida Keys guides in the wake of one of the most destructive hurricanes to make...

Swordfish Rig – Setting Up Terminal Tackle

Fly Navarro is back with his good friend Capt. Paco Vela to discuss how to build a swordfish rig for daytime deep dropping.  They...

Local Knowledge S03 E02 Mack Attack Full Episode

King Mackerel Fishing Full Episode Mack Attack appeared April 29, 2018 on Discovery Channel. As the guy’s head out in Key West, Florida armed with new lures...

Los Sueños Signature Triple Crown 2018

If you ever wondered what big game fishing is about, check out this incredible video from the Los Sueños Signature Triple Crown! A total of...

Rigging Squid Tip For Daytime Swordfish

Fly Navarro joins Capt. Paco Vela for a great demo video on rigging squid for daytime swordfish bait. The squid is universally eaten by swordfish...

Local Knowledge S03 E02 Mack Attack Preview

Local Knowledge Mack Attack airs Sunday morning on Discovery! Get a sneak peak at the second episode of Local Knowledge fishing show as the guy’s head...

Fresh Fish Tips – How To Pick A Fresh Fish

How To Pick Fresh Fish Everyone knows that going to the "Fresh Fish Market" does not always mean the fish are all right off the...

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