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Traveling to hunting and fishing destinations is a very exciting prospect, but it conjures some unknowns as well. We make it easy with our informative travel articles and recommendations.
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Guide for Novice Elk Hunters

I've listened to stories of legendary hunts in remote locations for years with a passing interest. I've been fishing since I could walk and...
fishing stories

Dead Baby Marlin Trip — Road Trip with Bill Boyce

Bill Boyce shares one of the weirdest experiences he's ever had offshore. There we were, fishing our last day out of beautiful Cebaco Bay in...

PINAS BAY, PANAMA – Vacation in Panama

You won't find any golf courses, megaresorts or late-night discotechs in Piñas Bay, Panama, and that's part of the charm. What you will find...

Cabrera, Dominican Republic Vacation

Each person has his or her own definition of paradise. What I think of as paradise, someone else might think of as hell. The...
mlpa fight - World Record Bigeye Tuna - Gulf Rep NOAA

Potential World Record Bigeye Tuna from Galapagos

At 357 Pounds, This Galapagos Bigeye Could be the New 50-pound Line Class World Record Bigeye Tuna While the Galapagos waters are more known for their...

Daytime Swordfishing Florida Keys

Florida Swordfish After years of perfecting the process of catching swordfish during the day, the crew at Bud N Mary's marina has this fishery completely...

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Wireless Radar From Furuno

Furuno Wireless Radar If you thought you had enough apps for your phone, think again. Now you can download a free app for your iPhone...

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