We all dream of exotic locations with dumb and hungry fish for the taking. "Every rock, every cast" comes to mind from my own personal anticipations of exotic greatness. We explore the many fishing travel options, what guides and lodges do a great job and how to get there.
bottom fishing

My Top 3 Ways To Be a Better Angler

Whether fishing for fun, for your child's first fish, for your charter client's trophy, for your dinner, or the big-money tournament win, each fishing...
bottom fishing Keys style

Working Hard in the Keys

I'll be home soon honey, we are working hard down here. The BD crew had been needing to have a team meeting to regroup and...
tuna fishing in PEI

PEI Giants – Avo Catches a Grander Tuna

“What the heck” is what Avo Oughourlian said to himself as he filled out the simple Race to PEI entry form on BD Outdoors,...

Costa’s Geobass Africa

Costa presents their GEOBASS project, a video series documenting the struggles, drama and glories of a group of determined fly-fishermen as they travel, explore...
filletting fish

How to Fillet a Cobia

Capt. Scott shares his method to clean cobia and most other large-bodied fish. First step is to make a cut behind the head/gills area. Cut...
tuna bahamas

Bahamas Bluefin: Going back in history

In the summer of 2012 Costa Sunglasses began work on a documentary titled “Bluefin on the Line” that chronicled the rich history of giant...

Revillagigedo Island, Mexico

I received a call from my good friend, Capt. Keith Denette, who owns and operates the Maximus, a long-range charter operation that runs multi-day...
old bluefin tuna

Costa Brings Back the Cat Cay Tuna Tournament

The once famous Cat Cay Tuna Tournament was started in 1939 and the turquoise waters of the Bahamas are considered to be the birthplace...

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Florida Offers Workshop for Lady Anglers

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