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The urge to hunt and gather is deep-seated in outdoorsmen and a large part of it is enjoying the fresh taste of wild game. Check out the culinary offerings from our friends and partners and add new zest to your wild game recipes.

Wild Boar Curry Spring Rolls With Chutney

It’s been a frustrating hunting season so far, heaps of deer and pigs on the game camera, but they are so nocturnal we can’t...
Wild Pig recipe

Wild Boar Tenderloin with Date Stuffing & Sauce

A few words about wild pig; many people say it's gamey tasting but I think it depends on how you treat your meat hoof...
game recipe

Bison Ragu Over Pappardelle & Shaved Parmesan

Bison Ragu Over Pappardelle & Shaved Parmesan With bison and buffalo meat readily available at local markets, or ground venison from the freezer, I substitute...
wood duck

Wood Duck Breasts with Mushrooms & Grapes

Wood Duck Recipe Ingredients Serves 2 2 Wood ducks (1 per person) Black pepper & salt to taste 2 Tbsp. canola oil divided ¼ cup chopped Vidalia...
big game

Venison & Portobello Stuffed Persimmons With Pecans

Venison Recipes As fall approaches and many are getting ready to go hunting, think of giving this recipe a try. Ingredients 4 Large persimmons 2...
Venison Salad

Warm Venison Asparagus Salad with Fig Vinaigrette

Well Fall is approaching and with any luck we'll have a freezer full of venison soon.  Its tempting to just throw a venison steak...
wild boar Fishing recipe

Wild Boar Shanks Recipe By Maggie Rosaine

My husband and I have our tree stands within walking distance of each other.  It’s been a pretty challenging hunting season for us. All...
Holiday Duck Balls

Holiday Duck Balls

There are many ways to prepare wild game, and for the best recipes I turn to Hank Shaw, author of Hunt, Gather Cook, and...
wild game Warm Venison Sandwich

Warm Venison Open-Faced Sandwich

With a freezer full of venison and hunting season just around the corner, I'm always looking for ways to eat more delicious venison. It...
hunting quail

Asian Quail Recipe

Wild bird hunting season has begun for much of the country. I normally butterfly quail and pan-fry or grill them. Try this recipe for...

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