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We are all looking for new ways to enjoy our bounty from the sea. Here we share the good recipes we've found from friends and professional chefs alike.
seafood recipe - South Western Style Fish Cakes

South Western Style Fish Cakes

When Corky and I fish, the catch is usually pretty large, that said, we never let anything go to waste. For instance a grouper has...
seafood cooking

Fresh Seared Grouper

Fresh Seared Grouper Chef Shaun Hinson of the Aqua Star Restaurant in Savannah, Georgia is a friend of Chef Steve Black and shares this recipe...
seafood recipes

Largemouth Bass On Succotash With Crispy Peas

Largemouth Bass Recipe with Succotash and Crispy Peas Ingredients 2 cups halved cherry tomatoes 1½ cups sweetcorn kernels(removed from freshly grilled sweetcorn) 2 cups frozen...
seafood recipe

Crab Stuffed Fried Avocados

Isabel, Puerto Rico 1998. We were standing around a kitchen island and an open porch with a view to the ocean. It was always...

Redfish Gravlax

Our friends Capt. Eric and Capt. Moe Newman of Journey South Outfitters shared this unique how-to video on their method to cure fresh redfish...
Grading Record Fish Tuna sushi

Sushi Grade – How Tuna Is Graded For Quality

Love sushi? Then you've most likely enjoyed tuna (maguro) as part of your meal. Sushi chefs are masters but how does one determine what...
cooking fish collars

Grilled Yellowtail Collars with Citrus Soy Dipping Sauce

Grilled Yellowtail Collars The "collars" of a fish are most often thrown away with the carcass of your catch, but your missing out on an...

Fried Lobster Spring Rolls

Yanni of Fisherman's Belly says, "Here's a recipe for the smart SoCal fishermen who are nabbing monster lobsters right after it rains!  Fried Lobster...
Vietnamese Lobster Spring Rolls seafood recipe

Vietnamese Lobster Spring Rolls From Fisherman’s Belly

Yanni from Fisherman's Belly recently spent some time on the Let's Talk HookUp show and knocked their socks off with his Lobster Spring Rolls....
Rock Lobster Pickle Sandwichvideo

Rock Lobster Pickle Sandwich

Yanni is at it again! Cooler waters are making for a great SoCal lobster season. Here's a tasty sandwich that's way gourmet and way easy to...

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