We are all looking for new ways to enjoy our bounty from the sea. Here we share the good recipes we've found from friends and professional chefs alike.

Summertime Squid Pasta

Yanni Hassir of Fisherman’s Belly has shared another great seafood recipe with us. From water to plate, Yanni guides us step by step in his videos...
Shrimp Huatape

Shirmp Huatape

We owe this recipe to Chef Flor Franco the chef and owner of Indulge Contemporary Catering and Collaboration Kitchen who share their amazing recipes and...
jerked fish

Jamaican Jerked Grouper with Mango Strawberry Salsa

Jamaican Jerk seasonings come in both dry and wet jarred variety's. They are now also available in hot, medium and mild. Unless you like...
swordfish recipes

Florida Fresh Swordfish & Shrimp Gumbo

A revival of the swordfish stocks in Florida has given way to a vibrant fishery effort for broadbill, both at night and now during...
mercury levels

The Facts of Mercury Poisoning & Your Seafood

Metal contaminants are found naturally in the environment, however, excessive levels can be increased through industrial activity or pollution. You will see that certain...
sushi tuna

Sushi Grade

Love sushi? Then you've most likely enjoyed tuna (maguro) as part of your meal. Sushi chefs are masters but how does one determine what...
whole fish

Whole Roasted Vermillion Rock Cod

This is an extremely easy way to cook fish and was great with sides of roasted potatoes and salad. Ingredients Serves up to 8 1 each 5-pound...
seafood cooking

FLT with Bacon

Everything is better with bacon as the saying goes... once gain it proves true! We are catching heaps of grouper and snapper at this...
Lobster Potpie

Lobster Potpie – Deconstructed

While my husband Corky Decker was in Maine this year, I received a perishable package! Oh boy! Yes a variety of fish that he had...
cod recipes

Buffalo Rock Cod Wraps

Try one of these fish wraps served on a crunchy bed of lettuce with blue cheese dressing and buffalo sauce. They go great with...

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bass recipes

Grilled Bass With Tomato Tart

This summer has been a pretty tough one here in Southern California as the albacore never really showed up; however, I am confident of...

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