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A big part of partaking the bounty of the outdoors is enjoying the culinary aspect of your latest catch. Our team and famous chefs share their take on cooking fish, seafood and wild game.
seafood recipe

Crab Stuffed Fried Avocados

Isabel, Puerto Rico 1998. We were standing around a kitchen island and an open porch with a view to the ocean. It was always...
smoked bonitovideo

How To Make Smoked Bonito From Fisherman’s Belly

I love to eat smoked fish, especially smoked bonito. As a Southern California kid, my summers were spent at the Long Beach pier where...
big game

Venison & Portobello Stuffed Persimmons With Pecans

Venison Recipes As fall approaches and many are getting ready to go hunting, think of giving this recipe a try. Ingredients 4 Large persimmons 2...
Grilled Yellowtailvideo

Grilled Whole Yellowtail from Fisherman’s Belly

Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get. Sometimes, you end up with a small yellowtail - perfect...
Rockfish recipevideo

Rockfish Fish Cakes with Fried Pickles

"Rockfish fishing is pure fishing fun," says Yanni of Fisherman's Belly. "That's because once you find an active hole, you're pulling in lots of...
Venison Salad

Warm Venison Asparagus Salad with Fig Vinaigrette

Well Fall is approaching and with any luck we'll have a freezer full of venison soon.  Its tempting to just throw a venison steak...
Aku Pokevideo

Aku Skipjack Poke Recipe From Fisherman’s Belly

California's southern coastline is carrying a lot of skipjack. Their schools are ranging between several hundreds up to a couple of thousand. Our local...
cod recipes

Buffalo Rock Cod Wraps

Try one of these fish wraps served on a crunchy bed of lettuce with blue cheese dressing and buffalo sauce. They go great with...
Yellowtail Taco

Fried Yellowtail Taco Recipe

BD member mkfriedrich (@meielizabeth) shares this scrumptious looking fried yellowtail taco recipe with us. Here's what he has to say about it, "Hi guys! I just wanted...

Mexican Tuna Burger Recipe From Fisherman’s Belly

Yanni Hassir of Fisherman's Belly said, "This is the fifth tuna recipe in this summer's series of Tuna War Recipes. Growing up in SoCal,...

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striped marlin

Baja Aha Moments – Striped Marlin Fishing Technique

At a Tuna Club meeting some years ago, Dr. Guy Harvey shared some uncut video of blue marlin that he shot somewhere off the...

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