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A big part of partaking the bounty of the outdoors is enjoying the culinary aspect of your latest catch. Our team and famous chefs share their take on cooking fish, seafood and wild game.
Yellowtail Taco

Fried Yellowtail Taco Recipe

BD member mkfriedrich (@meielizabeth) shares this scrumptious looking fried yellowtail taco recipe with us. Here's what he has to say about it, "Hi guys! I just wanted...

Mexican Tuna Burger Recipe From Fisherman’s Belly

Yanni Hassir of Fisherman's Belly said, "This is the fifth tuna recipe in this summer's series of Tuna War Recipes. Growing up in SoCal,...

Green Chile Tuna Ceviche From Fisherman’s Belly

I wanted a cow a year ago, badly. Those were Nam's words, while telling me about the day he caught his big 288-pound bluefin. It...
Tuna recipesvideo

Tuna Taquitos & Cucumber Guacamole @ Fisherman’s Belly

When it was time to think about my next recipe in my "Tuna Wars" series, I looked back at the biggest school for boiling...

Redfish Gravlax

Our friends Capt. Eric and Capt. Moe Newman of Journey South Outfitters shared this unique how-to video on their method to cure fresh redfish...

Crispy Sushi Tacos From Fisherman’s Belly

It's still June, yet the California coastal tuna bite continues to rage. My fishing mentor, Adi, and his boat partner Brad the Mad Scientist,...

Fillet An Opah With Tommy Gomes

The opah is an unusual fish to see and even more rare to catch.  Perhaps the best part about an opah is how great...

All American Tuna Burger From Fisherman’s Belly

Yanni Hassir at Fisherman's Belly is kicking off a summer run of fish recipes aptly named "Tuna Wars". "This video teaches you the secrets of...
Grading Record Fish Tuna sushi

Sushi Grade – How Tuna Is Graded For Quality

Love sushi? Then you've most likely enjoyed tuna (maguro) as part of your meal. Sushi chefs are masters but how does one determine what...

Great Fish Recipes @ Fisherman’s Belly – Cactus Salsa & Grilled Swordfish

Fish Recipes Recently the California's Coastal Conservation Association held its first kayaking tournament, The Battle of the Bays, in San Diego. My old kayaking buddy, Jim...

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pargo snapper

Fish Species of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Yellowfin Tuna They don't call Puerto Vallarta Cow Town for its cattle industry. PV's cows swim offshore. If you want to put a 200- to...

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