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Smaller in stature, but no less fun or challenging, we will talk about methods and tips to take a wide variety of small game.

Pig Time

There are hunters, and then there is Jeff. In a comparison, I consider my self to be in that one percent that catches ninety-nine...

Hard Labor Creek Plantation

In 1988, just three years out of college, 28-year-old Ted Everett moved to Chipley, Florida to manage his family's 5,000-acre property. His dad predicted...

Woodies in the Pan

It is that time of year again, early wood duck season! Duck hunting in 80-degree weather, gators and bugs, makes for some weird, non-traditional...

Small Game, Big Fun

Resembling busy elves, seven squirrels scampered back and forth on the dirt road bordered by a mixed-hardwoods swamp in the South Carolina Low Country....
hunting quail

Hunting Quail with Bird Dogs

Labrador Retrievers are a special breed of gun dog. They can do it all — retrieve a duck, flush a pheasant, and even work...
ca turkey

California’s Fall Turkey Tactics

Going after a fall turkey is much different than going after a spring bird, which means you need to change up your tactics if...

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