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The love of bird hunting and the dogs that work with us will be the topic in these features. Ducks, pheasants, dove and quail are just a few of the many birds of feather that will be hunted in this section.


The period between November 1 and January 29 truly is the most wonderful time of the year. It's not the gathering of friends and...

Hard Labor Creek Plantation

In 1988, just three years out of college, 28-year-old Ted Everett moved to Chipley, Florida to manage his family's 5,000-acre property. His dad predicted...

Woodies in the Pan

It is that time of year again, early wood duck season! Duck hunting in 80-degree weather, gators and bugs, makes for some weird, non-traditional...
waterfowl cooking

Magret Duck Breast, Fresh Berries and Orange Gastrique Sauce

Chef Steve Black creates an amazing way to prepare your ducks this year. Ingredients Serves 4 FOR THE DUCK 2 Each boneless, Magret duck breast 1 TbspP. seasoning salt 2...
bow birds

Bow Hunting Dove- Amazing Video!

Tim Wells has been shooting a bow since childhood. He is now an extremly accomplished hunter to say the least. Check out his video...
hunting quail

Hunting Quail with Bird Dogs

Labrador Retrievers are a special breed of gun dog. They can do it all — retrieve a duck, flush a pheasant, and even work...
hunt tips

Turkey Hunting – Shooting Gobblers You’ve Missed

The would-be knockout punch you threw failed to deliver. You've called a strutting spring gobbler into range, aimed at his fist-sized head and fired. Problem...

California Goose Hunting Opportunities

Licensed hunters can now hunt white-fronted geese and white geese during the California late season for geese in the Balance of the State Zone....

California Pheasant Hunting

The California Department of Fish and Game (DFG) is restoring several pheasant hunting opportunities in northern California Type A wildlife areas for the 2011...
ca turkey

California’s Fall Turkey Tactics

Going after a fall turkey is much different than going after a spring bird, which means you need to change up your tactics if...

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