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Ever wonder what the 10% is doing different from the 90%? Here we will fine tune our techniques and presentations to help make sure your in the 10% that is catching and not just fishing.
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Wahoo Ballyhoo Rigging The San Sal Ballyhoo Rig

There are almost as many ways to rig a ballyhoo as there are to skin a cat, and the "San Sal" rig is a...
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Circle Hook Hookset Timing In The Fly Zone

Fly Navarro has fished billfish and more all around the globe.  Watch him explain his techniques for a perfect circle hook hookset every time...
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Build A Better Boat Hose

It's happened to all of us... You finish drying off your boat after giving her a complete wash down from bow to stern when...
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BD Quick Tip – Frayed Lines

Dealing With Frayed Lines Here is the scenario of frayed lines: You are reeling in one of your trolling rods, guiding the line with your finger...
filletting fish

How To Fillet Cobia And Other Large Fish

Capt. Scott Goodwin shares his method to clean cobia and most other large-bodied fish. First step is to make a cut behind the head/gills area....
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Rigging A Split-Billed Ballyhoo For Offshore Trolling

There are many many different ways to rig a ballyhoo and the reasons for variation depend on your target fish, location, sea conditions and...
highspeed trolling

Early Season High Speed Wahoo Fishing

Wahoo Fishing The quiet rumble of 1050 horsepower pushing the boat along at 15 knots is enough to lull you into daydreams, but the roaring...
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Line Spooling Bucket Tip

Having fresh line is one of the most important aspects to the sport of fishing, so any tip to help make the chore easier...
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San Diego Halibut Bender – A SoCal Fishing Report

While everyone was out chasing the big bluefin out on the banks around the full moon, I decided to stick to my roots and...

Kite Fishing Tips From The Fly Zone

Fly Navarro and Capt. Ray Rosher of Miss Britt Sportfishing charters gather in the cockpit to talk about kite line set up and clip...

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Halibut Closure off Washington’s La Push and Neah Bay Areas

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