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Offshore fishing holds many marvels in the deep blue. No matter what ocean you fish, the excitement and incredible potential of offshore fishing captivates the imagination. Whether you chase marlin, swordfish, dorado or tuna, you need to be ready for anything and everything because offshore you never know what you will encounter.

PEI Giant Bluefin – The Video

As many BD readers are familiar with our Race to PEI Contests, you have already met Gilbert Saucedo from California. He entered the contest...
how to make fish bait

Bridle A Bait

Bridling live baits is nothing new to the fishing world, but is still very localized in geographical zones. The benefit is a quick way to...
gaffing tips

Gaffing Tips to Close the Deal

So many factors have to work in unison to achieve the moment when a fish is brought to the boat.  You had to rig...
fishing tips

Hey What’s That? – Fishing Floating Objects

Fishing Floating Objects "Hey, what's that"? Those three little words hold so much potential when spoken on a boat offshore. Either trolling or running, the...

Chin-Weighted Mono Ballyhoo

Capt. Scott shares this rigging tip for swimming ballyhoo that will catch anything without teeth, like dolphin, tuna and sailfish. The chin-weighted ballyhoo on mono...
boat safety

Safe Boating Tips – Ditch Bag For Boaters

If you take your boat offshore or make frequent crossings, you really should carry a ditch bag on board. A ditch bag FOR boaters holds...
white seabass

The Seabass Chronicles

Zane Grey was a legendary writer of some of the best fishing stories ever written. His “Tales of Southern Rivers”, “Tales of Fishing Virgin...

Double Hook Strip Bait Rig

Double Hook Strip Rig Trolling strip baits for offshore pelagics is one of my favorites. They are durable, easy to rig and will catch everything...

Bonita Strip Bait

Bonita Strip Baits The belly meat from a little tunny, nick named bonita, works great for making strip baits. You can troll the strips, or...

Blue Runner Sportfishing – Epic Season Video

Blue Runner Video Compilation Check out this highlight reel of the incredible 2015 canyon season aboard the Blue Runner and No Limit. Combining trips for almost...

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reef takeover

Goliath Grouper Video

This cool underwater video of a school of goliath grouper that have laid claim to the wreck of the M/V Castor off Boynton Beach,...

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