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Just because its called inshore, does not mean the fishing is any less exciting. Sightfishing for giant tarpon, spooky bonefish or kelp stalking white seabass and calicos, the near-shore waters are teeming with life and tend to be more accessible to a wide variety of anglers, by boat and foot alike.
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Vibrio Bacteria Precautions and Facts

It wasn’t all that many years ago that I had never heard of Vibrio bacteria despite the fact that it lives in the same warm...
inshore fishing

Roosters Trump Dorado in Loreto

Ray Cannon, the original Baja editor for Western Outdoor News, helped make dorado Loreto’s summer-time poster child.  His articles literally attracted anglers from around...
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Bringing Back Menhaden

Whether you call them bunker, pogies or menhaden, this small forage fish plays a giant role in the marine ecosystem. For years menhaden have...
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Tarpon Season Tactics in the Keys

As the most popular time of year to fish in Key West begins, tarpon are showing up right on time. Tarpon are definitely a...
tarpon fishing

Top 5 Must Have Items For SUP Fishing

1. The Right Board In our opinion, selecting the proper board will be the most important decision an angler can make when entering the world...
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Back to the Flats

Throughout the history of my fishing obsession since I hit the saltier waters of Florida, I've enjoyed fishing the inshore flats and lagoons. Though...

Texas Red Tide

Wow, now I have to add Galveston Bay, Texas to the bucket list. Incredible inshore redfish footage from Casting Tales. Watch as big schools of...
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One’s Trash is Another’s Treasure

Despite their often lowly reputation, the jack crevalle is no different than the highly prized GT. Aggressive, explosive bites, extreme strength and endurance and...
bottom fishing Keys style

Working Hard in the Keys

I'll be home soon honey, we are working hard down here. The BD crew had been needing to have a team meeting to regroup and...

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Tips For Winter Fishing

Tips For Winter Fishing

We're awfully spoiled here in SoCal.  Here it is post-Thanksgiving and we're still catching tuna.  Setting aside the El Nino fishing anomaly, we're still pretty...

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