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Drawing upon the knowledge gleaned from years of experience from fellow fishermen and other professional anglers and captains, our how-to section is chocked full of instructional tips. There are in-depth tutorials and quick-tips to make you a better, more efficient angler and make your equipment last longer.

How To Crimp Cable For Rigging Lures & More

How To Crimp Wires Together Fly Navarro travels the world fishing and learning.  In his Fly Zone Fishing videos, he shares his knowledge and those of...

Getting Started On Building Your Own Custom Fishing Rods

Building Custom Fishing Rods As someone who only uses custom built fishing rods, I get a lot of questions from readers about them. The most...

Rigging A Pitch Bait Ballyhoo For Marlin

“Fly” Navarro and Arturo show you how to rig a circle hook pitch bait ballyhoo for marlin and other big game species. The key is to make the...

Soldering Rings For Lure Hook Replacement

Soldering Rings For Hook Replacement Here is a great how to video on soldering rings and hook replacement on surface iron lures used by so...
rigging baits

Making Bonita Belly Strip Baits For Trolling

Here in Florida, we often catch Little Tunny (nicknamed "bonita") when trolling for other species such as dolphin, wahoo and sailfish. A lot of...

Hoop Netting For Dummies

Hoop netting is something that I've been meaning to write about for a couple of years now. But being the lazy bass fisherman that...
offshore rigging

Building A Light-Line Leader System

To consistently land fish, you must be proficient in many different facets of tackle rigging. Of all that knowledge, perhaps the single-most important aspect...
travel bladder

Increase Your Range With ATL Fuel Bladders

ATL Fuel Bladders I recently had the opportunity to help run a boat from Port Canaveral, Florida across the Gulf Stream to Spanish Cay in...
tuna tips

Bird School Run-And-Gun 101 Fishing

Bird School Fishing Run And Gun The most basic rule to successful fishing is simply "find the birds and you'll find the fish." And while...

Circle Hook Ballyhoo With Copper Wire & Swivel

  Ballyhoo Hooks - Circle Hook Ballyhoo Fly Navarro joins his friend Arturo, mate aboard Team Galati.  They give a great demo on how to rig...

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