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Jigging Popping | Articles about jigging and popping including techniques, big game fishing and more.
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Putting The Spin on Bluefin

Adventuring angler Sami Ghandour puts the hurt on a 306-pound bluefin tuna with a spinning rod while jigging the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Don't...

Crazy Topwater Strikes from Mark Berg

Mark Berg's Australian fishing show is extremely popular down under.  They have this epic footage that are clips from his exciting shows filmed in...
nomad fishing

Northern Great Barrier Reef with Nomad

A decade ago my Alaskan charter service had a booth at the Fred Hall Sportsman’s Show in Long Beach California. Right next to our...

Bass On The Docks

I recently took a trip to a local lake here in Washington State that just opened on the 27th of April. We have had...
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Chasing Washington’s Inshore Seabass (Rockfish)

Inshore Seabass Rockfish One of the most fun, easy, and low-pressure ways to spend your time on the water comes in the form of chasing...

Spinning For Tuna West-Coast Style

I grew up fishing the Southern California inshore and offshore scene and spinning reels, aka. coffee-grinders, were looked at with disdain. Complete and utter...
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One’s Trash is Another’s Treasure

Despite their often lowly reputation, the jack crevalle is no different than the highly prized GT. Aggressive, explosive bites, extreme strength and endurance and...
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PENN SSV Spinning Reels for West-Coasters

PENN SSV Spinning Reels Savvy west-coast anglers know that PENN Spinfisher SSV reels will help them catch a lot more fish. Ranging in size from...

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