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Drawing upon the knowledge gleaned from years of experience from fellow fishermen and other professional anglers and captains, our how-to section is chocked full of instructional tips. There are in-depth tutorials and quick-tips to make you a better, more efficient angler and make your equipment last longer.

Bait Rigging Tools From The Fly Zone

Robert "Fly" Navarro is back with Tyler Beckford of Teaser Bait Company in South Florida where they spend all day, every day rigging offshore...
rod building

Win A Custom Batson Rod At Fred Hall

Batson Enterprises is gearing up for Fred Hall with a bunch of new custom Batson rod builds (rainshadow rod blanks)that are in the works...
boat tips

How To Put A Rope Handle On A Bucket

How could any boat function without the 5-gallon bucket? We keep them onboard for thawing bait, spooling reels, washing the boat, collecting garbage, moving...
fishing how-to

Wahoo Ballyhoo Rigging The San Sal Ballyhoo Rig

There are almost as many ways to rig a ballyhoo as there are to skin a cat, and the "San Sal" rig is a...

Seaguar ThreadLock Braid to Fluorocarbon Leader Connection

If you read last year's review on Seaguar ThreadLock spectra and Pink Label Fluorocarbon you may remember that I had some trouble with the...
Uni Knot

How To Tie The Uni Knot For Fishing

Fly Navarro joins Pete Schultz of Fishing Headquarters to get a great demonstration of how to tie the popular, versatile and strong Uni knot....
napoleon wrasse

Jig & Pop New Caledonia – An Epic Adventure

Dealing with a closed airport and diverted flights, not to mention the 2-day delay to arrive to New Caledonia with no luggage… That is how...
ballyhoo parasite

Removing Ballyhoo Parasite for Better Baits

How would you like to try to eat a cheeseburger with a massive alien clinging to your tongue and filling your mouth and throat? It...
boating tips

Build A Better Boat Hose

It's happened to all of us... You finish drying off your boat after giving her a complete wash down from bow to stern when...
fishing tips

BD Quick Tip – Frayed Lines

Dealing With Frayed Lines Here is the scenario of frayed lines: You are reeling in one of your trolling rods, guiding the line with your finger...

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