Drawing upon the knowledge gleaned from years of experience from fellow fishermen and other professional anglers and captains, our how-to section is chocked full of instructional tips. There are in-depth tutorials and quick-tips to make you a better, more efficient angler and make your equipment last longer.
Tipping jig

Jig Tipping Tips

Jig Tipping I thought I might share a quick tip about tipping jigs with belly strips or any kind of fish flesh to entice the...

Utilizing Technology To Maximize Rockfish Results

"It's so easy, it feels like cheating" is the comment a friend recently made as we discussed using today's technology to target rockfish and...
boat tips

Combating Rust Rings

All boats new and old need lots of maintenance. No doubt your cleaning regiment requires a wide variety of cleaners, lubes, solvents, waxes and...
gaffing tips

Gaffing Tips to Close the Deal

So many factors have to work in unison to achieve the moment when a fish is brought to the boat.  You had to rig...
rainshadow blanks

Rainshadow Tuna Popper Is A Next-Level Long Rod

I've always considered myself to be fairly open minded when it comes to embracing new and different fishing tackle but when Matt Kotch showed...
fishing tackle

3 Tackle Tips For SoCal Anglers

BD's Erik Landesfeind spends much of his time fishing SoCal waters for a variety of species.  Heavy into Saltwater bass, Erik shares his tips...
custom rod

West Coast Deckhand Style Cord Grips

Cord grips installed with this technique are very durable and quite simple to install, I have used this technique for over 10 years and...
fishing tips

Hey What’s That? – Fishing Floating Objects

Floating Objects "Hey, what's that"? Those three little words hold so much potential when spoken on a boat offshore. Either trolling or running, the sighting...
mustad hooks

BD Bullet – Mustad’s Weighted Grip-Pin Hook

Mustad continues to offer fresh and saltwater anglers a vastly improved hook for the many soft plastic applications that are so effective on most...

A Year’s Worth of Tournament Day Lessons

One of the biggest mistakes we make as anglers is chalking up our success to being a good angler while blaming our lack of...

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