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Drawing upon the knowledge gleaned from years of experience from fellow fishermen and other professional anglers and captains, our how-to section is chocked full of instructional tips. There are in-depth tutorials and quick-tips to make you a better, more efficient angler and make your equipment last longer.
highspeed trolling

Early Season High Speed Wahoo Fishing

Wahoo Fishing The quiet rumble of 1050 horsepower pushing the boat along at 15 knots is enough to lull you into daydreams, but the roaring...
nautical sportfishing Mexico fishing

How To Get Nautical Sportfishing FMM For Fishing Mexico

If you are traveling by boat in Mexico, north of Ensenada, you are required by law to have a nautical FMM Tourist Permit each time...

Bait Rigging Tips To Improve Your Fishing

Preparation and bait rigging ahead of time is one of the key elements to running a consistently successful fishing crew. You never want to...

Rigging Teaser Mackerel With Fly Navarro

Rigging teaser mackerel is a simple chore once you know how to do it, and Fly Navarro and Tyler Beckford are teaching you how...

How To Rig Circle Hook Ballyhoo In The Fly Zone

Fly Navarro is back with Tyler Beckord of Teaser Bait Company to demonstrate how to rig circle hook ballyhoo using the o-ring and copper...

How to Use Crimps For Fishing

Whenever I am setting up leaders and rigs using anything over 100-pound test, I generally use crimps instead of knots to secure my connections,...

4 Tips For Boat Owners After A Storm

With Hurricane Irma beginning to push into the interior of the U.S., the storm has left behind many damaged recreational boats in its wake. To...
Rainshadow blanks

Rainshadow JUDGE Series Is Perfect For SoCal Anglers

One of the perks of being a part of the Team Rainshadow Pro-Staff is that I get an opportunity to field test their latest...
kite fishingvideo

Rigging Live Bait For Offshore Kite Fishing

Fly Navarro is offshore fishing with Capt. Ray Rosher of Miss Britt Sportfishing.  Capt. Ray is demonstrating how to bridle a live bait for...

Rigging Dredge Ballyhoo For Teaser Fishing

Fly Navarro is back with Tyler Beckford of Teasers Bait Company and they are demonstrating how to build and rig a dredge ballyhoo rig...

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Spiderwire Ultracast Invisi-Braid Fishing Line

Spiderwire Ultracast Invisi-Braid Fishing Line The best of SpiderWire performance will be found in Ultracast® Invisi-Braid because it is part of the highest quality, best performing...

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