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A big part of fishing is information. Knowing what's happening and what is not can be a life saver. Stay in touch with the current bite happening near you here.
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SoCal’s Weekend Fish Report Wrap Up

Unusual Labor Day Weekend Fish Report…Even For El Nino Yellowtail, yellowfin, bluefin, dorado…the bite just kept going this weekend. Bluefin kind of made a “comeback”...

First 2015 SoCal Wahoo Weighed at Balboa Angling Club

Balboa Angling Club Weighs Wahoo The first wahoo of the 2015 season was weighed in at the Balboa Angling Club on Saturday. The wahoo was...
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SoCal Scene: Fish Bite Heading into Windy Weekend

SoCal Scene Fishing Reports This is shaping up to be one of those good news - bad news, kind of weeks. The good news is...
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SoCal Weekend Fish Report – August 18

Sportboat Fishing Report Sunday morning, Captain Jeffrey Markland of Thunderbird Sportfishing stated in frustration, “This is the year of the skiff.” He was still getting...
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Fish Report – Bluefin Bite Better in U.S. Waters

SoCal Fish Report Things have been changing so quickly over the last month that reporting what happened over the weekend is pretty much old news...
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SoCal Weekend Fish Report – August 11

Fish Report And the beat goes on… There is good fishing to be had at all lengths of trips for just about any landing you...
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Dorado and Yellowtail Bite On Full Moon

After a week of mostly slow tuna fishing, I think that most of us are ready for a change. Well that change is coming...
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Skiff Catches Grander Marlin

Big congrats go out to Guy Kitaoka and Darrell Omori on the Dayna a 21-foot skiff fishing in Kona, Hawaii.  They hooked and caught this giant...
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Embrace the Opportunities for Fishing

My colleague, Erik Landesfeind, wrote a great article on Friday. The gist of it was that as a group, Southern California anglers have gotten...

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