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You can have the best boat in the world and the most incredible baits and lures, but if the line between them isn't good, the rest doesn't matter. So often we skimp on this vital piece of gear, but here we will showcase many great monofilament and braided line choices that won't let you down.
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Rockfish Bottom Rigs

There are three basic gangion designs that will cover every circumstance you'll encounter while targeting rockfish. It doesn't matter if you're on a private...
Seaguar Pink Label

Seaguar Pink Label Fluorocarbon & ThreadLock Braid

"I don't know if I'm the right guy for this one Scott, I'm pretty picky about line" was the response I gave my editor...
Seaguar Tatsu

Seaguar Sets New Standards In Fluorocarbon

Peanut butter is always better with jelly. The Fourth of July feels empty without fireworks. There are some things that are always better with...
snook fishing

Don’t Skip The Fluorocarbon Leader – It Matters

The “braid revolution” as I call it has pretty much taken over many fisheries and many anglers don’t even remember when it wasn’t around...
Daiwa Dealers

Daiwa Is Gearing Up SoCal Anglers For Success

Daiwa is helping gear up SoCal's offshore fisherman for another incredible year of fishing.  Daiwa has a long tradition of building quality fishing equipment...
fishing tips

Line Spooling Bucket Tip

Having fresh line is one of the most important aspects to the sport of fishing, so any tip to help make the chore easier...
fluorocarbon leader

Seaguar Fishing Line & Leader

It may sound like a cliché to say there’s a lot on the line, but nothing could be truer when it comes to fishing....
spiderwire invisi-braid

Spiderwire Ultracast Invisi-Braid Fishing Line

Spiderwire Invisi-Braid Fishing Line The best of SpiderWire performance will be found in Ultracast® Invisi-Braid because it is part of the highest quality, best performing series...
cobia fishing

Cobia Fishing the Penn Slammer III

The Penn Slammer III is a classic spinning reel that has been brought back and renewed. Charter captains and avid anglers alike have trusted...
blue camovideo

Spiderwire’s New Blue Camo Braid

Spiderwire's new Blue Camo and Green Camo braid lines are great tools that let you take full advantage of the benefits of braid, while...

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