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Fishing gear is a huge topic, and here you will find many spotlights and reviews on both new products and the tried and true ones. One can never have too much fishing gear, so dig in and make a list of your favorites.

Daiwa Is Gearing Up SoCal Anglers For Success

Daiwa is helping gear up SoCal's offshore fisherman for another incredible year of fishing.  Daiwa has a long tradition of building quality fishing equipment...
cuda fillet

Cuda Professional Knives – A Step Above

Last year I got to review Cuda's Titanium Bonded Fillet Knife along with other great tools and it turned out to be a great knife for...

Wrapping Rod Guides From Fly Navarro

Fly Navarro is at Fisherman's Center in South Florida working with JL, a professional rod builder.  They are demonstrating the technique used to wrap...
Flying Fish

Maguro Flying Fish @ Melton

Maguro Tackle Flying Fish are the hottest flyer's for offshore tuna and dorado. Unique to the Maguro's, is it's one piece wing and body. Unlike the...
fishing tips

Line Spooling Bucket Tip

Having fresh line is one of the most important aspects to the sport of fishing, so any tip to help make the chore easier...
Nalpak products

Nalpak Offers The New Pelican Soft Side Cooler

Nalpak, a unique company founded in 1980, now offers their customers a personal shopping experience in their store at 1267 Vernon Way, El Cajon,...
Top Lures

Top New Lures From ICAST

The 2017 International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades, or ICAST tackle convention was recently held in Orlando, Florida. The Convention Center was a buzz...
Curado K

Shimano Curado 200 K Reels – All New Look & Function

With a new look and technology focused on reliability and durability, Shimano’s all-new Curado 200 K series baitcasting reels are ready for anything from...
Simms At ICAST

Simms Launches New Innovations At ICAST

Pushing the envelope of innovation and technology has always been the cornerstone of Simms’ product design process and with the debut of their Fall...

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