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Fishing gear is a huge topic, and here you will find many spotlights and reviews on both new products and the tried and true ones. One can never have too much fishing gear, so dig in and make a list of your favorites.
7 fishing products

7 Fishing Products You May Not Need But Will Definitely Want

Here are 7 fishing products you may not need, but you will definitely want. And we bet you won't be able to get through...

AFTCO Launches New Fall Apparel

AFTCO is known for their focus on function and quality in both their wide array of outdoor, technical apparel as well as their famous...
saltwater reel

Okuma Tesoro 10: First Look Inside & Out

Hey Guys, One of the more interesting introductions at ICAST 2017 was the new Okuma Tesoro Star Drag reel, a classic "3/0" general purpose reel...

How to Use Crimps For Fishing

Whenever I am setting up leaders and rigs using anything over 100-pound test, I generally use crimps instead of knots to secure my connections,...
Rainshadow blanks

Rainshadow JUDGE Series Is Perfect For SoCal Anglers

One of the perks of being a part of the Team Rainshadow Pro-Staff is that I get an opportunity to field test their latest...
new reels

PENN International VI Series – A Classic Redefined

The PENN International reel has a long history of success in the evolution of the sportfishing story. In 1966, PENN introduced the first International Series...
wahoo lurevideo

Rapala X-Rap Magnum 40 – New Lure To New Depths

There are many fisheries around the world where a trolling lure that can dive deep without the hindrance of lead or planners is an...
Lexa baitcaster

Daiwa Lexa Gets New Look From WINN Grips

Daiwa has introduced a new look for two of the most popular baitcasting reels on the market. The beautiful new Lexa-WN 300 and 400...
snook fishing

Don’t Skip The Fluorocarbon Leader – It Matters

The “braid revolution” as I call it has pretty much taken over many fisheries and many anglers don’t even remember when it wasn’t around...

Can’t Find Glow Jigs? We Have Your Solution

Can't find glow jigs anywhere in your local tackle shops?  We have your solution! All season long, schools of larger grade bluefin have frequented the...

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