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One of the largest facets in the fishing world is freshwater fishing. Bass make up the bulk of the effort, but don't forget the others. Our pro tips and articles will help make you a better bass fisherman and teach you the latest freshwater techniques.
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Evinrude Pro Wins Northern Costa FLW Series

BRP announced today Evinrude angler Cory Johnston won the northern division of the Costa Fishing League Worldwide (FLW) Series. The tournament, held on Oneida...
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Crankbaits For Springtime Bass

During the pre-spawn, bass will hold around rocks. When they are done spawning, they will move back out to the same rocks when they...

Bowfishing Asian Carp in the Air

I don't care what anybody says, this looks like so much fun. What do you do when your waters are invaded by a ferrel fish...
shallow bass

Catching Shallow Springtime Bass

Shallow Springtime  Bass Fishing shallow in the springtime is a great way to catch big bass! The fish will move shallow and hold around any...
crankbait jigs

Using Search Baits for Springtime Bass

Early in the spring can be the best time to fish for bass! Here in Washington State where I fish, the smaller lakes actually...
winter fishing

Winter Walleye

Winter Walleye Tips Fishing for walleye during the bitter cold of winter is one of the most fun things you can do with a rod...
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Topwater Lures for Summer Bass Fishing

This past May, while practicing for the Bassmaster® Elite tournament at Lake Havasu, Brandon Palaniuk tied on a big topwater lure to use in...
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Bass Fishing the Dark

All-Night Bass Tournament I recently had my 4th tournament of the year. It was on a small,natural, weedy lake in Washington state. It was a...
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Carl Jocumsen Bass Pro

Carl Jocumsen - Bass Pro Take a glimpse at the incredible journey of Australian bass pro Carl Jocumsen as he jumps into the Bass Master...

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Research Grant To Help Pelagic Studies

The Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation (GHOF) has awarded a research grant to help pelagic studies to Dr. Neil Hammerschlag of the RJ Dunlap Marine Conservation...

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