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This section is for all those anglers who prefer to whip the long rod and present the fly. Be it tiny nymphs or flashy streamers, you will find many tips and stories about fly-fishing here. Freshwater and saltwater both have huge followings of dedicated anglers who pursue all types of gamefish, be it tiny trout to marlin.
timing tides Blue Marlinvideo

Amazing Blue Marlin On The Fly

Timing Tides is a Fly fishing photoblog run by two cousins, Federico and Christopher Hampl. They are taking every opportunity to explore some of the exotic and...
mako flyfishing

Mako On Fly – Tips From Conway Bowman

Conway Bowman catches many different kind of fish, but the one he may be most known for is mako shark and on the fly...

Giant Mako Shark Madness

Conway Bowman’s name is synonymous with “extreme” fly fishing. Whether he’s chasing mako sharks with a fly rod on his home waters off San Diego...
simms veterans

Simms Celebrates Veterans This November

This November, Simms is once again honoring our nation’s veterans by donating proceeds from sales of a special edition Made-in-USA wader. Last year, Simms launched...

Six Must-Have Fly Patterns

I've been tying flies for 15 years or so and if there's one thing I've noticed about my tying over time is that I...
fly tying

3 Classic Flies – How To Tie Them

The Zonker Streamer Capt. Rick Worman has spent a lifetime chasing Florida’s famous inshore saltwater gamefish. He enjoys taking his clients to share these experiences...

Drum Food Fly

Drum Food Fly This is a terrific pattern for redfish and black drum that are feeding on small crabs and shrimp. Materials: Hook- Gamakatsu SC15 size 1 Thread-...
conway bowmanvideo

Conway Bowman Joins BD Prostaff

BD has not traditionally called our partners "prostaff" but the good people we work with live up to the traditional meaning of the word.  BD...
simms wadersvideo

Simms – The Wader Makers

Simms has long been known as the only waders for serious sportsmen.  This quick video gives us insight as to why and how these...

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