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Though sometimes the weather breaks our hearts, it plays a huge and vital role in our outdoor passions. Here we talk about techniques to track it, trends to watch for and how to read the weather to make the most of your trip and keep your crew safe.
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Another Warm Water Year

Just like the spring/summer season of 2014, this year (2015) is shaping up to be another warm water year...and it could be a REALLY...

Making sense of San Clemente Island Closures and Weather

After reading some recent posts on our message boards, it's clear that quite a few anglers are confused about San Clemente Island's website and...
crazy weather - Avalon Storm

Avalon Storm of December 30th, 2014

A Sipes family (Tamara and Daniel with Sophie, 9 and Max, 8) tradition is to take our boat from San Diego (Mission Bay Yacht...
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The 2015 El Nino Factor

2015 El Nino Factor I think many were using the "El Nino" description for last summer's warm water cycle for lack of any other...
marine electronics

Wireless Radar From Furuno

Furuno Wireless Radar If you thought you had enough apps for your phone, think again. Now you can download a free app for your iPhone...
storm damage

Hurricane Odile Ravages Baja

It is being hailed as the strongest storm to ever strike the Baja Peninsula and it unleashed its furious Category 3 winds of 125-mph...
SoCal Weather

Catalina Eddy

Eddie: A legendary Southern California sportfishing boat skipper, long associated with the Pacific Queen. Eddy: A current of air or water, running contrary to the...
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The Two Great West Coast Hurricane Myths

It's an annual cycle: The first few tropical systems of the eastern Pacific season form off mainland Mexico and typically either sweep westward towards...

Many California Waters Closed Due To Drought

The CDFW is taking emergency action to protect fish in many Californian waterways due to sever drought conditions. Below are the latest closures and...
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Winter Boating Tips

It was January 2, and a snowstorm had just passed through central New Jersey. The temperatures were in the teens, and the wind was...

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California Salmon Hatchery Ladder to Open

The salmon ladder at Nimbus Hatchery in Rancho Cordova, California, will open on November 1, signaling the start of the salmon spawning season on...

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