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Southern California is home to one of the most famous long range sportboat fleets in the country. Tapping the fish-filled waters of the Pacific off California and Mexico, these boats regularly catch giant cow tuna, wahoo and dorado to their clients delight. You can choose from a wide array of accommodations and durations of trips. Some boats you can even meet in Mexico and skip the ride. You owe it to yourself to check this out and put it on the list.
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Long Range Reports – February 2

Long Range Reports Plenty Of RT American Angler reported for January 30:  “We had a very slow scratch today as we went through some long dry...
long range

Long Range Reports – December 22

Long Range Reports Headed North Skipper Mike Ramirez checked in from the Excel, just finished fishing the lower zone for the last couple days. He reported...
Cow Tuna

Long Range Report – December 9

Skins Along The Way “As we continued rigging up for the first half of the day,” said the American Angler’s report December 4, “lunchtime called...
wahoo skins

Long Range Reports – Big Skins & Tuna

American Angler Winners “The American Angler returned late this morning,” posted the office, “and the tuna were beautiful, from school size to 253-pounds. Thanksgiving just got interesting....
cow tuna

Long Range Reports – Super Cows and Wahoo!

Cow Tuna and More Tres Vacas Excel skipper Justin Fleck reported November 10: “We fished the lower banks for a couple days. We had good fishing...
yellowfin tuna

Long Range Fishing Reports – Wahoo & Tuna

Long Range Reports: Chins To The Wind American Angler posted November 7: “With our chins up we headed into the eighth inning looking for vengeance and...
grouper fishing

Long Range Reports – Wahoo,Tuna and Grouper

Skins & Grinners “Arriving at our destination shortly after lunch,” posted American Angler on October 6, “Mother Nature quickly made it apparent that today was going to...
wahoo bite

Bill Roecker’s Long Range Fishing Reports

Thanks To The Reelers American Angler posted October 4: “Ken’s Custom Reel’s seven-day trip, with Wes in the sponsor’s seat, returned early this morning. A huge...
long range

Long Range Fishing Reports – September 25

Long Range Reports Good Skinning Excel skipper Mike Ramirez checked in from the Excel, out on Big ALs nine-day trip: “We have been whacking away at the...
wahoo bite

Long Range Fishing Report – September 17

Incredible Tropicals A Day Away Reports from the past few days show that fishing for yellowfin tuna and wahoo at the San Benitos Islands has...

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