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Baja Fishing Reports

Baja Fishing Reports Friday, January 13, 2017 Weekly baja fishing reports by Gary Graham Que Pasa The uprising against rising fuel prices (the gasolinazo) continues with no end...
timing tidesvideo

Amazing Blue Marlin On The Fly

Timing Tides is a Fly fishing photoblog run by two cousins, Federico and Christopher Hampl. They are taking every opportunity to explore some of the exotic and...

Fish Bite Between Showers

Maybe its because of all the rain we've had this week, but sitting at my desk on this gloomy Thursday morning I'm having trouble...
roosterfish lure

Penn Clash and Crocodile Bay- A Winning Combination

Penn Clash and Crocodile Bay Resort Recently, Penn Fishing put together a diverse group of fishermen who are all involved with outdoor media and we gathered...
Crocodile Bayvideo

Crocodile Bay Fishing Reports

Crocodile Bay Sport Fishing Expeditions is an Eco-Resort in the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica where you can design your dream vacation.  Crocodile Bay...

Colonet Yellowtail Strategy By Joe Sarmiento

Colonet Yellowtail Strategy I had the good fortune this last weekend (Jan. 6-8) of getting invited out by owner/operator, Capt. Frank D'Anna (top left), to...

DIY Reel Service

I'm usually pretty good about regularly servicing my fishing reels. But in the wake of the multi-year fishing whirlwind that was El Nino, I've...

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Choosing the Right Hole Saw

It is still painful for me to drill holes in a perfectly good boat, but it is more painful still to drill it in...
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Bait Chamois


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