Weird & Wacky

Weird & Wacky
You will have to see it to believe it. Our collection of crazy happenings in nature.

Swordfish Skewers Diver and Sticks – Crazy Video

Here is a video that has surfaced though it is filmed far from the surface.  A deep sea commercial diver is working his already...

Bowfishing Asian Carp in the Air

I don't care what anybody says, this looks like so much fun. What do you do when your waters are invaded by a ferrel fish...
ladies fishing

May The Fourth Be With You!

A Day in the Life The Fourth of May finds our Stormtrooper in the grind of cleaning up after the evil Emperor's pool party. There Must...

Fish or Die – New Adventure Fishing Series

Fish or Die The crew from Costa's popular GEOBASS is hitting the airwaves with an all new, over-the-top adventure across all seven continents by truck. This...

Crazy Jumping Rays Video

Jumping Mobula Rays The BBC One is absolutely the best at capturing such incredible footage.  Check out Mobula rays as they jump for the attention...
deep fish

Black Seadevil Video a First

Creatures in the depths of the ocean are still being discovered or observed in their natural habitat thanks to the exploration of deep-sea ROV...
squid videovideo

Diver Films Live Giant Squid

Giant Squid Video On Christmas Eve, a diver in Japan filmed this 12-foot giant squid that appeared in the harbor for several hours. According to CNN,...

Video of a 24 Mile High Freefall

The jump happened on October 2012, when Felix Baumgartner stepped from the capsule of a stratospheric balloon floating 24 miles above the earth. During...
giant sturgeon

Huge Albino Sturgeon Caught

Huge Albino Sturgeon As if it is not rare enough to catch a giant sturgeon well over 1000-pounds, charter captain, Chad Helmer caught an albino white sturgeon...
goliath groupervideo

Goliath Grouper Enrages Diver – Hilarious Video

Goliath Grouper Check out this video of a diver having his mangrove snappers gobbled up by a swarm of hungry goliath grouper. His anger is apparent...

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Trokar Kelp Trick Hook

Fishing weedless baits in the kelp for calico bass is probably the most exciting aspect of inshore fishing in Southern California. There's really nothing like...

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