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There is so much original creativity and talent in the world of marine art and we will do our best to spotlight the famous and soon to be famous as we find them and showcase how they turn wood, metal or paint into incredible works of art.
kevin pack

Artist Spotlight – Kevin Pack

We would like to introduce Kevin Pack, our featured artist who has been heavily involved in the fishing world since growing up in California. Q:Where...
fish art

Artist Spotlight – Michelle Nicole Lowe

Artist Spotlight Michelle Nicole Lowe BD introduces artist spotlight Michelle Nicole Lowe, from the Florida Keys. Her watercolors capture the tropical essence of paradise. Q:Where do you...
lionfish tournament

Artist Spotlight – Amber Moran

Amber Moran BD would like to introduce you to the very talented Amber Moran, the next feature in our Artist Spotlight. Q:Where do you live? A:I reside...
maui printing blue fish

Mounting Trophy Fish – An Artistic Option

Picture the challenge and excitement of chasing and capturing a trophy fish. Many people continue to go to great lengths to chase illustrious gamefish...
Dolphin sculpture

Hammered Pig Ironworks By Tyler Matthews – Artist Spotlight

BD would like you to meet Tyler Matthews of Hammered Pig Ironworks.  He explains how this all got started and where its going. BD:Where do...
fish art

Artist Spotlight – Michael Meyer

BD would like to introduce, marine artist, Michael Meyer. He shares his work and story with us. Q:Where do you live? A:I live in Palm Harbor...
fish art

Artist Spotlight- Micaela Lawson

Q:Where do you live? A: I live in Beaumont, California. Q:What mediums do you work in? A: I work with mostly a number 2 pencil and graphite....
trash art

Trash To Treasure – Cory Redwine’s Vision and Mission

This is one day’s worth of litter collected off Brevard beaches by the Redwine family, whose passion is art and the environment. It is...

Shark Encounter – Brian Hebets

San Diego native, Brian Hebets has been intrigued by the ocean and sharks since childhood. The movie Jaws brought this love of sharks to...
gyotaku art

Artist Spotlight – Greg Aragon Shares His Experiences Of Gyotaku

BD introduces Greg Aragon as he shares his experiences and love of Gyotaku art. Q:Where do you live? A:I live in Largo, Florida between Clearwater and St...

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