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There is so much original creativity and talent in the world of marine art and we will do our best to spotlight the famous and soon to be famous as we find them and showcase how they turn wood, metal or paint into incredible works of art.

Danny Shervin – Painting With Gunpowder

Meet Danny Shervin of Painting With Gunpowder who has found an amazing method to commemorate his love of nature. BD:Where do you live? Shervin:I was born...
Dolphin sculpture

Hammered Pig Ironworks By Tyler Matthews – Artist Spotlight

BD would like you to meet Tyler Matthews of Hammered Pig Ironworks.  He explains how this all got started and where its going. BD:Where do...
wooden fish

Artist Spotlight- Doug Snider

While searching Facebook for anything interesting that I might pass on to our members of BD, a picture caught my eye. An awesome natural...
art fishing

Artist Spotlight- Dennis Friel

Q: Where do you live? A: I was born and raised in Coral Springs, Florida. Q: What mediums do you work in? A: Currently I work in...
Dorado Art by Richard Blanco

Richard Blanco – Artist Spotlight

BD would like you to meet Richard Blanco, our next featured artist.  Richard stops creating amazing art long enough to fill us in on...
maui printing blue fish

Mounting Trophy Fish – An Artistic Option

Picture the challenge and excitement of chasing and capturing a trophy fish. Many people continue to go to great lengths to chase illustrious gamefish...
marine painting

Anastasia Musick BD Exclusive Artist Spotlight

BD introduces Anastasia Musick, a talented artist with her eyes set on the marine environment via her love of fishing and the outdoors. BD:Where do...
casey parlette

Casey Parlette – An Incredible Artist Revisited

A few years ago we brought you a glimpse into the phenomenal works of sculptor Casey Parlette of Southern California.  His ability to craft...
natural art

Artist Spotlight – Paul Marcellini

Artist Spotlight Paul Marcellini Q:Where do you live? A:I live in Miami, Florida. Q:What mediums do you work in? A:I mostly do digital photography. Q:What are your other hobbies,...
fish art

Art in the shadows

Lyle Brunson is a professional seaman, a lifetime sailor who has traveled for 40-plus years, visiting and fishing many exotic locations: Florida, the Bahamas,...

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