There is so much original creativity and talent in the world of marine art and we will do our best to spotlight the famous and soon to be famous as we find them and showcase how they turn wood, metal or paint into incredible works of art.
marlin table

Artist Spotlight – Shaun Fleming

BD introduces the amazing woodwork of Shaun Fleming.  She shares her story of how she came to work in wood. Q:Where do you live? A:I live...
underwater scene

Artist Spotlight – Austin Derry

BD would like to introduce Austin Derry and spotlight his amazing underwater photography. Q:Please tell us a little about yourself and where you live? A:My name...

Casey Parlette- Naturalist Sculptor

I want to share with you the works and story of Casey Parlette, an extremely talented sculptor and outdoor naturalist. A southern California native,...
chris ross

Artist Spotlight – Chris Ross

Artist Spotlight - Chris Ross BD introduces professional photographer Christopher Ross, who has been shooting around the globe since 1997 and has garnered many industry...
marine artist

Artist Spotlight – Amadeo Bachar

BD introduces Amadeo Bachar, a very talented artist who shares his passion for marine ecosystems through his art. Q:Where do you live? A:La Selva Beach, Central...
fish art

Artist Spotlight – Michael Meyer

BD would like to introduce, marine artist, Michael Meyer. He shares his work and story with us. Q:Where do you live? A:I live in Palm Harbor...
gyotaku art

Artist Spotlight – Greg Aragon

BD introduces Greg Aragon as he shares his experiences and love of Gyotaku art. Q:Where do you live? A:I live in Largo, Florida between Clearwater and...
lionfish tournament

Artist Spotlight – Amber Moran

Amber Moran BD would like to introduce you to the very talented Amber Moran, the next feature in our Artist Spotlight. Q:Where do you live? A:I reside...

Time Lapse Fish Printing by Brian Heustis

Maui Fish Printing Brian Heustis of Maui Fish Printing and a veteran BD Artist Spotlight participant gives us a high-speed glimpse of the finishing of...
bluewater copper

Artist Spotlight – Hanes Hoffman Jr. of Bluewater Copper Works

Bluewater Copper Works BD would like to introduce R. Hanes Hoffman Jr., of Bluewater Copper Works as our next BD Artist Spotlight. Q:Where do you live? A:I...

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kelp trick

Trokar Kelp Trick Hook


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