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Explore the world of fishing, hunting and everything outdoors in our visually stunning Impact Zones. For those of you who really are here for the pictures and not just the articles.
flying dog

The Hounds of Fred Hall

Hounds Fred Hall A favorite tradition at Fred Hall Shows is the Ultimate Air Dogs competition.  How far can they jump? Check out this Impact...
roosterfish lure

Penn Clash and Crocodile Bay- A Winning Combination

Penn Clash and Crocodile Bay Resort Recently, Penn Fishing put together a diverse group of fishermen who are all involved with outdoor media and we gathered...
roosterfish costa-rica

Zancudo Lodge – Fisherman’s Paradise & Much More

Zancudo Lodge Costa Rica's Zancudo Lodge is certainly a fisherman's paradise with its modern fleet ready to tap the best of this tropical inshore and...
Fishing tips

Rail Fishing for Big Game – Rail Fishing Tips

Rail fishing for Big Game Long-range anglers are not afraid to put the rod on the rail, get down low and use their body weight...

Marsh Madness 2016

Marsh Madness 2016 Each year for many years a pilgrimage of sorts has taken place. A gathering of outdoor writers and outdoor companies who congregate...

Expedition for Great White Sharks | Sharkmen National Geographic

Sharkmen Exclusive Behind The Scenes Chris Fischer gave BD Outdoors exclusive access to his team of expert Great White Shark anglers and scientists to get...

Aftco Factory Tour – BD Outdoors

Aftco Factory Tour Founded in 1958, the American Fishing Tackle Company, or AFTCO, continues to be a leader in the sportfishing world. Operated by the...

2016 Fred Hall Virtual Tour

Fred Hall Show 2016 - Fred Hall Virtual Tour This year's Fred Hall was a huge success and celebrated its 70th anniversary since the beginning of...
Mag Bay

Hawks Cay Event – Simrad and Lowrance 2016

Simrad, Lowrance and B&G Event at Hawks Cay Marina Recently we had the privilege of visiting the Hawks Cay Resort in the Florida Keys for...

Bonita Strip Bait

Bonita Strip Baits The belly meat from a little tunny, nick named bonita, works great for making strip baits. You can troll the strips, or...

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Ocean Pacific – California Dreamin part 1

The 1960s were stimulating times in Southern California; the '40s had birthed a generation of “baby boomers,” born to parents who had lived through...
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FLT with Bacon


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