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Nothing captures the adrenaline rush like video. Backing down on a giant, closing the deal on a trophy, or just savoring the story of the quest and the friends we make on the way. BD Flicks are your ticket to adventure as you ride along with the BD team and our partners as we chase the next endeavor.

PEI Video – A Demon for the Taking

If winning the Race to PEI and having a chance to tangle with a giant tuna wasn't enough, imagine how Avo Oughourlian reacted when...

Costa’s Geobass Africa

Costas Geobass Africa Costa presents their GEOBASS project, a video series documenting the struggles, drama and glories of a group of determined fly-fishermen as they...
boat video

Boats and Big Waves

I cannot say this is relaxing, but it is amazing to watch. The ocean can dish it out when she is angry. It is...
weird fish

BD Video Spotlight: 14-Foot Sawfish Swipes at Anglers

Check out this huge sawfish being caught and released in the Florida Keys. Sawfish Florida Keys Accomplished swordfish angler Brett Holden was recently fishing in Islamorada...
tuna fishing

World Record Yellowfin Caught on Video

Yellowfin Tuna Record Video BD Outdoors has descended upon the Fred Hall Show in Long Beach, CA, and we'll be publishing updates during the entire...
bluefin peivideo

Tony’s Tuna Fishing

Bluefin Tuna Fishing In the world of big-game fishing, few thrills hold a candle to the experience of battling a 1,000-pound bluefin tuna. The elusive...

The Race to PEI Movie

Chasing Giant Tuna There aren't many anglers who can say they've battled giant bluefin tuna in the 800- to 1,000-pound class. There are even fewer...

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