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Guess who caught the big one! Colossal Catches is just that, we'll let you know when anglers land a whopper.
IGFA grouper

Kayak Caught Potential World Record Grouper

It’s no secret that some impressive catches are regularly made on kayaks these days. SoCal has seen countless trophy yellowtail and white seabass and...
giant sturgeon

Huge Albino Sturgeon Caught

Huge Albino Sturgeon As if it is not rare enough to catch a giant sturgeon well over 1000-pounds, charter captain, Chad Helmer caught an albino white sturgeon...
fish report

Giant SoCal Wahoo – Potential State Record

San Diego Wahoo Jeff Zachary, a San Diego native, may have just broken the unofficial state record for wahoo.  On October 14th Jeff left Mission...
socal marlin

Giant SoCal Marlin – The Full Story

SoCal Blue Marlin Understandably, when I caught up with Matt Santora of Finbomb, he was almost out of breath from telling the epic story of...
marlin fishing

Spearfisherman Makes Headlines with Huge Marlin

Spearfisherman Makes History Joel Smith of San Diego has checked the "largest marlin taken with speargun in CA waters" box with his recent feat.  Joel...
kona hawaii

Skiff Catches Grander Marlin

Big congrats go out to Guy Kitaoka and Darrell Omori on the Dayna a 21-foot skiff fishing in Kona, Hawaii.  They hooked and caught this giant...

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