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Check out our BD Fishin Chicks for interviews with ladies who really know their stuff. We chat with lady anglers from around the world as they give their background, present and future goals in fishing.
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Fishin Chicks – Monique Savoy

This month's Fishin' Chick, Monique Savoy, grew up fishing in the Gulf of Mexico and has turned her passion for the sport into a...
fishing offshore

Fishin Chicks – Stacey Parkerson

Stacey Parkerson has caught more than 50 world records in both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. She was the first woman to land a...

Fishin’ Chicks | Sheri Daye

Sheri Daye Spearfishing Fishing Chick World-record holder Sheri Daye is extremely handy with a spear. She travels all over the globe to feed her passion...
ladies fishing

Fishin Chicks – Allison Wigley

This month's Fishin Chick, we are proud to introduce you to Allison Wigley. Allison has really made an impression on the Florida fishing scene....
cobia fishing- Navina Jaensch

Fishin Chicks – Chicks Who Fish | Navina Jaensch

There are more than 40 million anglers in America, and according to the American Sportfishing Association, 25 percent of them are women. And, that...

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