Fishin Chicks

Fishin Chicks
Check out our BD Fishin Chicks for interviews with ladies who really know their stuff. We chat with lady anglers from around the world as they give their background, present and future goals in fishing.
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Fishin Chick – Michelle Bowman

This young lady's passion for the ocean translates on many levels.  She is a steward of the ocean for her 9-5 and an avid SUP fly...
port canaveral

Fishin Chick – Cory Redwine

I would like to introduce Cory Redwine, our next Fishin Chick. She shares her story of how she came to fish and what her...
fishing ladies

Fishin Chick – Katey McClenny

BD is happy to introduce Katey McClenny, our next Fishin Chick. Q:Where do you live? A:I currently live in Imperial Polk County in Lake Wales, Florida! Q:What...
florida redfish

Fishin Chick – Chrissy Rice

BD is happy to introduce Chrissy Rice, our latest Fishin Chick. Q:Where do you live? A:I was born and raised in Bradenton, Florida, and do most...
renee johnson

Fishin Chick – Renee Johnson

BD would like to introduce you to our next Fishin Chick, Renee Johnson.  She shares her story and obsession for fishing. Q:Where do you live? A:I...
fishing ladies

Fishin Chick – Cindy Nguyen

BD's Fishin Chick BD would like to introduce you to Cindy Nguyen and invite you to hear her story and share her passion for fishing. Q:Where...
Luiza Barros

Fishin Chick – Luiza Barros

BD would like to introduce our latest Fishin Chick, Luiza Barros. Fishing with Luiza Q:Where do you live? A:I live on the west coast of Central Florida Q:What...
fishin chick

Fishin Chick – Kayla Nevius

This Month's Fishin Chick is brought to you by Hoven Vision and we would both like to introduce Kayla Nevius. Q:Where do you live? A:I live in...
flyfishing ladies

Fishin Chick – Heather Harkavy

Heather Harkavy BD would like to introduce this month's BD Fishin Chick, Heather Harkavy. Q:Where do you live? A:I grew up in Coral Springs, Florida. I am...
Meredith mccord

Fishin Chick – Meredith McCord

Meredith McCord BD would like to introduce you to Meredith McCord, a lady of many talents who stopped her crazy-busy life for a moment to...

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