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2014 Garmin’s New Products Announced

Garmin has been busy this year developing new products and greatly enhancing existing ones. Today they announce their 2014 line of new products and...

Mexico Closes Bluefin Tuna

Southern California has had an unbelievable saltwater season thus far. The whispering of El Nino has brought not only warmer water than usual, but...
jump boat

Video of Dolphin (Flipper-type) Jumps Into Boat

Well you really never know what your going to see and experience during a day of fishing. Capt. Rick Spratt was taking customers on...
giant cat

Giant Wels Catfish Caught

Italian angler, Dino Ferrari, has caught and released a 280-pound wels catfish from the Po river in Italy. He is considered an expert at catching...
magnunson stevens

A Bright Side to Magnuson Renewal

Magnuson Renewal - Magnuson Stevens Act Renewal The recent reauthorization of the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act spells good news for the growing population...
ASA closuresvideo

Biscayne Bay National Park Closure – Take Action

This great little video breaks down the simple step that can make your voice heard and help stop these needless closures.
rockfish seminar

Turner’s Outdoorsman Rockfish Opener Seminar

Southern Californian outdoorsmen are familiar with Turner’s Outdoorsman, Southern California’s leading hunting, shooting, and fishing specialty stores. They began in 1971 as a single...
florida crisis - Food Thought Tools Actionvideo

Food For Thought – Tools For Action

Throughout our country, there are so many epic struggles going on in the natural world.  We as sportsman appreciate nature as much or more...
Jesus Araiza

Baja’s Loss . . . Jesus Araiza, An Iconic Captain Remembered

Jesus Araiza, 79, among the oldest remaining charter boat captains in Baja’s East Cape Region, passed away quietly on April 8 at his home...

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booby trap

Pacific Coast Sportfishing Festival This Weekend

It's that time of year when saltwater anglers start paying closer attention to the tides and water temperatures and mark their calendars for the...

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